Application fields of artificial turf

- May 02, 2018-

Sports lawn can be used in football field, tennis court, hockey field, door court, baseball field, cricket court, rugby court, basketball court, badminton court, etc.

The fortitude and wear resistance of artificial turf can be used all day, and it has excellent protective function of athletes. It can effectively avoid the joint damage, skin burns or bruises that may be encountered in sports, and ensure the normal rolling and running speed of the football.

Lounge grass

Leisure lawn is widely used. It is suitable for interior decoration, garden landscape and building greening. The lawn color is fresh and green, the grass is fine and fine. It is an excellent substitute for natural lawn. More and more are widely used in hotel and hotel greening and decoration, roof terrace greening, indoor shop, office building, office space decoration.

Artificial lawn in kindergarten

It is the wish of every parent to let children have a happy life full of dreams and childlike innocence. Health and happiness are the foundation and foundation of children's growth. Various patterns and colorful colors have taken the wings of their children's imagination.

The special artificial lawn of the kindergarten has the advantages of special design, low cost, convenient maintenance, environmental safety, beautiful appearance, and strong adaptability, covering and replacing the traditional plastic and PVC paving materials. Compared with the common artificial lawn, it has more pertinence and better adaptability to kindergartens.