Advantages of artificial turf and shortcomings of natural turf

- May 15, 2018-

Advantages of artificial turf

1. It can be installed on all kinds of foundation surfaces. The basic quality requirements are not high, and it is not afraid of cracking.

2, artificial grass maintenance is simple, maintenance costs are low, rinse with water can remove dirt, and has no fading, no deformation characteristics.

3, like the real grass, there is a sense of greening; varieties complete, grass length can be chosen according to the actual use.

4, artificial grass sports venues overall layout beautiful, high utilization rate, life expectancy can be more than 10 years, and durable and easy to maintain, can be used all day long.

5. Artificial grass material is environmentally friendly, finished product construction, construction period is fixed and short, quality is easy to master, simple acceptance, no need for too much expertise.

6. The use of artificial grass site is high. It has the characteristics of shock absorption, no noise, safety, innocuity, elasticity and good flame retardancy. It is very suitable for use in school. It is the best field of activity, training and competition at present.

7, artificial lawn takes the concept of safety protection, so it can avoid sports injuries. It provides enough buffering force to reduce the damage that the hard floor may cause to the feet, so that you do not have any worries caused by the site.

8, the material of the whole field accords with the requirements of environmental protection, and the artificial lawn surface can be recycled and reused. The foundation is paved with the original excavated waste and sand, which is in line with the principle of garbage reduction and the use of natural objects.

9. The foundation is not bonded with the surface. When the service life of the face is expired, only the surface layer can be replaced, and the reinvestment cost is low.

10, after the playground is planned as a plane, there is no unequal place, and this new structure has the function of reducing shock and reducing pressure, reducing the noise on the playground and reducing the interference to the class.

11, the use of clean high gravity quartz sand in the lawn clearance makes the students have a chance to get close to the soil without getting the environment and body dirty, so as to avoid some cleaning troubles.

12, the scribing is directly compiled. There is no need to worry about frequent scribing. It is easy to maintain and maintain almost no subsequent maintenance cost.

The shortcomings of natural lawns:

1, the natural lawn that has been trampled for a long time is hard to maintain, and the manpower and material resources needed to invest are bigger.

2. Due to the limited natural grass fiber elasticity of natural lawn football field, the elastic force of the football on the natural lawn is small, and the height of the high altitude ball or the anti BallBall is not very high.

3, the natural lawn football field is greatly influenced by the ground and rain weather. Once the rainy days and the shedding of the turf will cause the wet skate and the uneven pit, it is easy to cause the sprain of the knee and ankle joint of the athletes.