A fixed method of artificial turf

- Apr 27, 2018-

As we all know, the fixation of artificial turf should be glued to the cement floor. But some customers' venues are not cement foundations. What should we do?

It is suggested that artificial turf fixed nails can be used. The artificial turf fixed nail manufacturer also called the peg nail, the general shape can be divided into: the square head SOD nail, the round head SOD nail, the G head peel nail, and the cap turf nail. The material is made of cold drawing, galvanized wire, galvanized steel wire, stainless steel wire and so on. Silk diameter from 14#-4#, width 2cm-10cm, leg length 5cm-50cm. The 1 "X6" turf nail is the most widely used. The main application of the peg nail is to fix the turf on the golf course, the garden lawn and other places where the sod is needed, as well as in the fixed cover cloth, straw mat, round tube and so on. Easy to operate, good quality and low price. U nails, also known as turf nails, are used for artificial lawn fixation or building fixation. The general shape can be divided into: round head U nail, square head U nail, G type SOD nail. The 123 way to fix artificial lawns is the turf fixing nail manufacturers, also known as turf nails, which are mainly used for fixing artificial turf or building fixtures.