Artificial Long Grass

Artificial Long Grass

Artificial long grass This brand-Tianlu is known for quality and distinctive design, the mark of timeless beauty and relaxed living - and this lifelike plant fulfills those expectations. The grass is set in the perfect planter that will complement the decoration of any room. Plants add a feeling...
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Artificial long grass


Among all types of grass Tianlu produced, football sport grass would be the longest type.

It’s becoming more and more common for Football in the UK and the rest of the world to now be played on artificial long grass surfaces. These high-performance football turfs have revolutionised the sport- providing low maintenance, weather resistant surfaces throughout the year.


Advantage features:


1. Tianlu football fields are reliable, consistent sports surfaces, surpassing even the best natural grass fields in both performance and reliability.


2. Artificial long grass have soft, non-abrasive fibres that resemble grass in colour and feel, with superior durability and playing qualities making them the preferred choice.


3. Synthetic turf holds the ball well, giving players control over ball roll with complete freedom of movement in sliding tackles and other skills.


4. A layer of recycled rubber near the base of the fibres absorbs impact and adds resilience, controlling ball bounce.


5. Our synthetic football fields have none of the drawbacks of natural grass:


(1). Waterlogged pitches causing cancelled matches are forgotten

(2). Heavy maintenance to repair worn surfaces is not needed

(3). Daily maintenance becomes minimal


Result: a perfect pitch every day of the year.



Application pictures: